Jonny Gios

Community Networker

Jonny has 20 years experience in community engagement in both urban and rural contexts. Jonny spent 10 years working on the Raffles estate in Carlisle developing targeted support in an area that was in the process of regeneration. During this time he held positions as the schools worker, youth pastor, associate pastor and pastor whilst he was with the Living Well Trust. His time in Carlisle was challenging yet rewarding, and a very fruitful ministry. Jonny is also an ordained Elder in the Church of the Nazarene.

On leaving Carlisle, Jonny and his family relocated to Kendal, where Jonny has worked with the Methodist Church as a Community Worker. During his time in Kendal, Jonny has gained a MA in Missiology with a focus on the subject of ‘Fresh Expressions’. During his 6 years in Kendal, Jonny has also pioneered numerous new programmes that have touched many lives.Some of these have included : Ignite the Light, Who Let the Dads out?, #giveadaysandylands, Café Church, and Hope Mission weeks with the local community.During his time at Sandylands Methodist Church, it was nominated for the ‘Best Church for Social Action and Justice’ at an award ceremony at Lambeth Palace.

Recently, Jonny has been a key person within Kendal for the flood recovery work that has been taking place since December 2015.Jonny won the ‘Spirit of Cumbria’ award, presented by Sellafield, for his contribution to the flood recovery operation. Jonny has a wealth of community and pastoral experience, and deeply motivated to see people come to know Jesus. Jonny’s passion is for community transformation and for the church to be active and alive in communities that lack hope and justice.Now is the opportune time for the church to engage with communities and share the love of God. Jonny’s wealth of experience can enable churches to see what is achievable. Jonny is a voice and champion for   marginalized communities that are often forgotten in society.

Jonny is a gifted networker and is widely known across Cumbria in the third sector and within statutory organisations. Jonny has a proven track record working for and WITH communities in Cumbria. He joins Hope Community to share his experience and desire to see communities transformed for Christ throughout Cumbria, Lancashire and North Yorkshire.

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