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Hope Community Newsletter – Summer 2017

Dear Friends, Thank you for taking the time to read this update about Hope Community. Since launching in February and commissioning Jonny into the role of Community Networker, we have heard of some the exciting potential the church has to offer in communities in the North West.
Jonny has been involved in bringing volunteers together with CNI Network to launch Street Angels in Barrow. This will launch in early Autumn with over 25 volunteers!
Jonny has also been involved in his own town of Kendal, coordinating with: NHS, Cumbria County Council, SLDC and churches in the town to help set up Holiday Lunch clubs. There are many families that need a free lunch and support through the holidays, this project has led to 250 people per week being fed through the summer.
Over 150 people came along to support Jonny & Pamela at our launch at Capernwray, as they stepped out into this new venture. We do really appreciate your support, prayerfully and for those who give financially to the work of Hope Community. Our heart for Jonny is that he is a catalyst as he seeks to serve the local church to bring around transformation in communities – to share the love of God in word and action.
However, we have experienced some difficulties over the past 8 months to attract additional funding to support this work. In light of this situation, we’ve had to reduce Jonny’s hours to 16 hours a week rather than working full time. Jonny has agreed to tent make and to seek additional work to supplement his income. He has had a few interviews but unfortunately not able to support secure employment at present. Jonny has put himself out there as a freelance graphic designer ( to try and get some work in – please share this great resource.
The trustees are completely behind this concept and the charity will continue to strive to apply for more grants and with any success, we will seek to increase his hours. At the moment Jonny doesn’t have a great deal of work, so please share this newsletter with those around you to highlight what we can offer.
Pray for wisdom for us as trustees as we seek to support Jonny & Pamela and the family and to raise our profile of what we can offer, through Jonny’s many gifts and abilities. Pray for Jonny that he finds part time employment soon, as they as a family navigate this difficult season.

If you feel led to start supporting the work of, please click here for a standard order form. Or if you’re already supporting our work and your feel prompted to increase your giving please, make those changes to your standing order. We really do appreciate what you give to support this work.
As a supporter – whether you’re giving financially or you’re praying for Jonny and the family we’d like to give you a gift. We’d like to give you Who Do You Say I Am? book, a four-minute film to show in guest service, and an invitation to a short course to explore a question Jesus asked 2,000 years ago: Who Do You Say I Am? We’d love to send you this so please give us your postal address to to receive a free copy!!!
Jonny recently said “I love community and long to support and serve the local church in making a difference with Churches to reach people with the love of God. I will be looking for ways to be involved on a voluntary basis in communities in Kendal, as many unchurched people had said they have missed my involvement with the town. I am, however, very happy to assist other churches in the area with any project or advice they need on a sessional basis. Please get in touch if you’re interested. Pray for us as a family in the months that lie ahead. Your support is invaluable”. Jonny Gios, Community Networker
We thank Jonny for his dedication to Hope Community this year, please join with me in prayer to pray about this challenge. If you know of part time work or you’d like to invite Jonny to partner with your church, please get in touch with him as a matter of urgency. Email him here.
I’d like to thank Roy Crowne and the trustees for their continued support and effort as we seek to serve the local church and be a resource for Jesus!
Yours in Christ
Ron Farrington

Chair of Trustees
Hope Community
If you would like to speak to any of our trustees in light of this letter please contact either
Ron Farrington or Amanda Deaville 

Our Vision
Over the next 5 years, Hope Community will strive to be a catalyst for dynamic change in Communities throughout Cumbria, Lancashire, and North Yorkshire. Seeing communities transformed as places that are filled with hope, developing partnerships, and a stronger more resilient community. Within those communities, we’d see the local church(es) become a ‘force for good’, working alongside their communities to share the love of God in word in action. We would see the church being more central in society and known as a body that networks, and is in relentless pursuit of innovation with all, to bring about Community Transformation as salt and light.

Please do get in touch with us – because we can help your leadership/church to be more engaging and assist with a variety of programs. For example 

Setting up Street Angels in your community
Help your church with social media/visual presentation 
Establish a mission action plan for your church annually
Review your church groups to see what their needs are
How to share your faith with your friends and neighbours
Identify needs in your community and how might your church respond to those
Help set up Who let the dads out group
Make community connections that are there to be made to strengthen the church
Provide resources for your church for Easter and Christmas
Organise and coordinate mission initiatives for the year of Hope 2018
We Need Your Support!
We have made a number of applications to funders to fund our work for the next 5 years. However, after a lot of hard work in preparing these, it’s been disappointing that a number of funders that have support work similar in the past will not support us. We are competing with many other charities and churches that are also bidding for this kind of help. However, we really appreciate those people who have set up Standing Orders to support us going forward – thank you!!! You can set up a standing order here with this form if you feel led to support us.

We currently have little funding, so we would appreciate if you have experience in writing bids etc – please get in touch with Jonny. Any help would be gratefully appreciated. We have some new ways you can give to us – these are as follows; Stewardship with 

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