Launch of Hope Community

Our Launch – Saturday 18th February.

Hope Community was officially given charitable status in October 2016, since then it’s been a lot of hard work to get things off the ground and the wheels in motion. We officially launched the charity a few weeks at Capernwray, where over 150 people attended the event. Thank you to those who came – see here for the press coverage and TV! Pictures below..It was great to see so many people at our launch, some people were there that I’d only just met a few weeks before for the first time! It was no coincidence that both Roy Crowne and I spoke from Matthew 9:35ff; Jesus is going through the towns and villages proclaiming the good news. The harvest is plentiful – it just needs us as witnesses/followers of Jesus/churches to prioritise what we do and where we invest our time. I shared some points from Matthew 9:35ff  chapter which linked with our vision going forward;

1. The need is urgent – people need to hear about Jesus!
2. The motive is love – Jesus had compassion on the people. Whom is our compassion for?
3. The potential is vast – The harvest is plentiful. People want to know more – see talking Jesus.
4. The trigger is prayer – Who are we praying for in our communities to be followers/witnesses
5. It starts with us – Nehemiah 3/4 – we’re being called to rebuild the church and to join in God’s mission.

It’s important to meet people in their needs, but as Roy emphasised it vitally important we intentionally proclaim the gospel in word as well! Roy challenged us to have this statement over our lives to see your villages or towns as Jesus sees it; “I want you to change the way you look, I want you to see what I see, I want you to see people the way I see them, I want you to see your community the way I see it, I want to change the way you see things and I want you to be a can DO person, not a it will never happen here person”. – Roy Crowne.

Roy commented after the launch to say; ” It was so great to launch Hope Community in the North West. Jonny and the team around him, have the potential to make a real difference in villages towns and city’s in words and actions building on all God is doing”.

See photos below from our Launch. You can listen to Roy’s Sermon here.

Thank you for your support and prayers. Please do keep praying for us as we navigate through some challenges (specifics below).

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